Archives June 2020

From Orlando to Russia Through Cultural Projects

Dr. Alla Kourova will be hosting a virtual seminar titled “From Orlando to Russia Through Cultural Projects.” She will be discussing how she uses cultural projects with the students in the classroom to teach Russian language and culture. Anyone interested in learning about cultural projects is invited to register for the event at the link The seminar will begin on Zoom on Thursday June 25th  at 1:00pm.

“I Love Russia” Project

In this video, members of R.A.S.A. discuss why they love Russian culture. This project is titled, “I Love Russia.” These students discuss why the chose to learn Russian language, what interests them in the Russian culture, and what similarities have they noticed between Russians and Americans. Thank you Michelle Verbitskaya for creating an editing this video. Enjoy!

Pushkin Reading for “Honor Pushkin” Event

Here are the links to the video of some of our members of RASA, former UCF Russian language students, and Dr. Alla Kourova reading Pushkin’s “Eugene Onegin,” “Wind Wind, You Are Mighty,” “I Loved You,” and “Winter Morning.” These videos were created for the online event, “Let’s Honor Pushkin,” dedicated to the 221st anniversary of the great poet. The Russian Cultural Center in Washington D.C. uploaded these videos to their Facebook page. The video of RASA members and Dr. Kourova reading “Eugene Onegin” was also posted on the Facebook page of the Embassy of Russia in the U.S. Enjoy!