Meetings TBD

Meetings and activities (such as multi-club meetings and community events) will be announced onĀ our Facebook, and on our instagram @russianclubucf.

Russian Tea Hour

Russian Tea Hour is a cooperative event hosted every month by the Russian American Student Association and the Russian Language Program at UCF. Doctor Kourova, the sponsor of RASA and the Russian professor at UCF hosts a friendly gathering for all people interested in learning about the Russian culture. It is a casual event where you can sip on some tea, eat a small snack, and listen to the lived experiences of a wise Russian-American professor. Check here, on instagram, or on facebook for the upcoming tea hour!

Russian Discussion Panel

The Russian discussion panel is a club event hosted occasionally in which a group of people familiar with Russian culture are available to answer any and all questions about Russia. All are welcome and it is always fun and lighthearted. Attendees learn something new every time and it is an open forum for information. Follow our social media and check back here for more info on the next Russian discussion panel!