First Week of STARTALK

Friendly chatter and crisp of the wafer cake concluded the first week of STARTALK. In only five days, beginner students became comfortable with reading, counting, and having small talk in Russian, whereas intermediate students mastered skills essential for navigating Russian airports, including customs!  Michelle

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2nd Day of STARTALK

  On the second day of the program, STARTALK participants had classes in the morning. They learned the Cyrillic alphabet, ways to introduce themselves, and how to write in cursive. Participants also sang songs, played “Морской Бой” (battleship) and “Телефон” (telephone). Michelle

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Russian Club Group Photo

We’re back from Russia!

We arrived back in Orlando at a little after 9PM tired and sad to have left Russia. Our little 3 week trip was amazing. We saw most of the Moscow Metro, the glorious white nights in Saint Petersburg, many many churches and cathedrals and more! The Financial University Under the Government of the Russian Federation hosted us in their on-campus hotel and had staff to teach us Russian. The language classes were fantastic and we all learned a lot of…

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