STARTALK at UCF not only allows students to develop Russian but also introduces them to cultural elements, including food. Every day, a local Russian store, Lacomka Bakery, brings various Russian staples: from борщ to мармелад, there is so much to try! 

Блины и зефир

Food is an important part of the culture. Traditional cuisine is passed down from one generation to the next. It operates as an expression of cultural identity. What stays the same though is the extent to which each country or community’s unique cuisine can reflect its unique history, lifestyle, values, and beliefs. Russia, for example, has traditionally relied on farming. After Peter the Great brought картофель (potato)  to the country, it became a staple in every household. Soups, stews, and other main dishes often include картофель. There is even a dessert named after this vegetable! You will have a chance to try it during the third week.

Пирожное “картошка”

Familiarity with Russian food will be handy when visiting the country. It will not only save time and eliminate the stress of picking something unknown but also ensure that the person gets to enjoy exactly what they want. 

Let’s see what food STARTALK participants have been loving so far:

Eric, TA: “I really liked салат салями. As I was eating it, I thought to myself ‘wow, I wish I could eat this every day!'” 


Alex, intermediate group: “I enjoyed пирожок с картошкой и грибами the most. Its soft texture and flavorful filling brought me straight back to Moscow, where I went to the study abroad this past summer.”

Participants getting lunch

Natasha, high school group: “I loved пирожок that we had today! In Jamaica, we have a dish called mandazi, and it reminded me of that.”


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